Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Since 9 October 2012, if you are a foreigner wishing to invest and live in Portugal, you can only do so with a Golden Visa or a Golden Resident Permit.  It’s a quick way for foreign investors who don’t live in the EU to gain a legal residence permit for Portugal.

These three investment methods make it legal for those non EU residents to buy in Portugal:

1.Show you have an investment operation which has been going for at least five years and a minimum acquisition amount of 500,000 Euros.
2. Transfer at least 1 million Euros to Portugal.
3. Incorporate a company with at least 30 new job positions.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are in charge of regulating these options and any concerns at all will be discussed and resolved by them.

Since the start of this Golden Visa system three years ago, there have been more than 800 issued by the Portuguese government.

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